Setting Intacct Schedules

  • By heather-holder
  • September 25, 2017

The schedule information tab in your Intacct Solution can be found under Company > Company Information as shown below.


The Schedules tab is used to define the work week and holiday schedules as it pertains to your business. Without a subscription to Project Accounting, however, the schedules are only useful for viewing. If you do subscribe to Project Account you can control who can submit a timesheet on a given day of the week or holiday by using the settings here along with the timesheet rule functionality in Project Accounting. Holiday schedules can also be used to assign a different pay rate to employees for hours worked on holidays. This information is configured using the timesheet rules accessible in Projects > Configure Projects which will be covered in a later post.

The upper portion of the Schedules tab is where you set the work days and the weekend days. By default the work week will be set to Monday to Friday with the weekend being Saturday and Sunday. This can be changed if your organization’s schedule is different.


The lower portion of the screen is where the Holiday schedule is set up. This section was designed to track various holidays based on state or province so that we can later control who can work and submit time on a holiday. Holiday schedules are set up by clicking on the Add button in that section as shown below:


Next you will give your schedule a name and then enter your holidays as shown below:


Continue entering holiday names and dates until you reach the end of the year and then save the schedule. Your new holiday schedule will show on the list of schedules.


Keep in mind that it’s possible to set up multiple holiday schedules as required. For example, you might have some employees in states which observe the day after Christmas day as a holiday and some that don’t. In this case you might want to have holiday schedules broken down by state. The easiest way to make multiple similar schedules is to create the first, then use the duplicate functionality to create the second, modifying it as required before saving it. You can duplicate an existing schedule by choosing to edit it, then click ‘Duplicate’ in the upper right corner.


The settings configured here can later be used in the Projects module when creating timesheet rules.

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