Inventory Units of Measure

  • By heather-holder
  • May 18, 2018

The setup of the Inventory module in Sage Intacct was most likely done during implementation.  Things like units of measure, default costing method, warehouses, product lines, etc. will be setup for you but over time, as your needs change, there may need to be modifications to these settings requiring you to setup Robust Inventory Units of Measure.

The Units of Measure are set up in Inventory Control > All > Setup > Units of Measure.  In Intacct units of measure are set up as groups with all the units of each group relating back to the base unit.  For example when you base unit is Square Inches the related UOMs in the same group are units such as Square Feet, Square Yards, Acres, etc.  Intacct comes with the following 6 build in UOM groups:

  • area (inches, feet, square feet, etc.)
  • count (each, dozen, pair)
  • length (feet, yards, miles)
  • time (minutes, days, years)
  • volume (tablespoons, cups, gallons, etc.)
  • weight (ounces, pounds, tons)

A feature in these six built in UOM groups are that the metric equivalents are included as well (where applicable).  For example, the Area UOM Group includes Square Millimeters, Square Centimeters and Square Meters and the Volume UOM Group includes Milliliters and Liters.

An existing Unit of Measure (UOM) can be modified by clicking the ‘Edit’ hyperlink next to that UOM in the list screen.  Please Note:  The built-in Intacct UOMs cannot be edited or deleted.  If you wish to enter a new UOM, click the Add button at the top of the list screen.

At first sight the New Unit of Measure screen may seem quite basic with only 3 fields, but there is more to this screen than initially obvious.  As with other input forms in Intacct the required fields are indicated with the red asterisk shown below.  After completing the information about your group shown below, click the ‘continue’ button in the top right of the screen.

Inventory Units of Measure

Robust Inventory Units of Measure

On the second screen you will be asked to specify all the units in this unit group and to indicate how they relate to the base unit.  For example if your Base Unit is Gigabytes and you are setting up a related unit for Megabytes you will specify that a megabyte is 0.001 Gigabytes as shown below:

Robust Inventory Units of Measure Related Units

Once you have completed the related units portion of the screen please scroll down to the Default Units settings.  This is where you tell the system which UOM to use when creating a transaction in the indicated modules.  These values can all match or they can be different, depending on your business.

Once you have reviewed your work for accuracy click ‘Save’ to create your new UOM group.

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