“I Need This” – Heard at the SFO Summit About Intacct

  • By zoltan-szakal
  • March 2, 2017

That’s right, we heard that verbatim at the Single Family Office Summit which we recently sponsored in New York.  A gentleman walked up to our table, featuring Intacct, looked at the rolling demo of Dashboards designed for the Family Office and simply said “I need this.”  Quite frankly, we were somewhat taken aback as that is generally not how conference attendees begin a conversation with a sponsor.  We soon learned however that this gentleman, like so many others in the family office world, was severely lacking real time, actionable information from the system his organization has in place.

Whether it be QuickBooks or Great Plains, family offices are stepping up to Intacct and finding exactly what they need.


“I Need This” You Say – Watch Intacct Solve The Issues

The Intacct ERP solution is uniquely suited to the Family Office environment.  It allows for a single source of truth within the organization and is easily customizable to the specific needs of the users, be that the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Investment Officer of the Controller.  Intacct resolves the biggest challenges facing Family Office Financial Departments – here are just three

Real Time Consolidation

A Manageable Chart of Accounts

Informative Dashboards

The accounting system has long been know as being the system of record.  In today’s hyper fast paced world, it needs to be a system of intelligence.  Learn about how one senior accounting executive, with a multi-billion dollar investment management firm has developed some of the most sophisticated dashboard accounting techniques in the world to track investments.

Listen to how Len Weedman, Controller at Trian Fund Management, L.P. tracks their investments:

By year, entity, fund, partner, strategy, asset class with slice and dice analytics

With full control of partial allocations

With instant multi-fund/entity consolidation

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