Family Office & Private Equity Deal Flow Collaboration

  • By zoltan-szakal
  • July 12, 2017

According to Investopedia* – While deal flow can be generated from a number of sources, the proposals that are likely to garner the most attention are the ones from companies or entrepreneurs where a previous investment has been successful, or where there is a solid existing relationship. On the other hand, unsolicited proposals from untried entities are likely to be given short shrift by most established financiers.

As you consider the above statement, have you considered how you are tracking previous investments and relationships within your accounting & financial management software? Or better yet, does your software package even allow you to collaborate on deal flow?

Your current accounting package allows you to track the financial transactions that have taken place (i.e. the when and how much) but it likely doesn’t have an auditable way to capture the details on why the transaction was booked in the first place. Intacct is the only cloud accounting solution which provides a trail of transactions within an integrated collaborative environment. Using Collaborate, you can see the documented discussions that took place, the reason various decisions were taken and the approval process for why you made changes, as well as who was involved in the decision – all from within Intacct.

But it doesn’t need to start there. Imagine you had the ability to start collaborating on specific transactions in deal flow before they even occur. Intacct Collaborate can do just this! Intacct will allow you to setup a potential deal within the software (using an Intacct Dimension value), and start communicating on the specifics right from its inception. Then, should the potential deal become a booked deal, you already have all of the details right in the software as you record the associated accounting transactions. Should you ever need to look back at the specifics surrounding the deal, you’ll have all the information right at your fingertips.

11,000+ customers are using Intacct Collaborate to not only make more informed business decisions, but are also using the built-in chatter to support (and pass) financial audits.

Has Schaedal, CFO of Canto states,

“As a multi-national organization, Intacct Collaborate is helping Canto accelerate decision-making, deliver better customer service, and move faster as an organization.”

Interested in learning more about how Canto is using Intacct Collaborate to support their nimble decision making process? Check out this short video (under 2 min) to see what they have to say.

As the Family Office Deal Flow Summit approaches, Black River Technologies is excited to be able to highlight the true powers of Intacct Collaborate, and what best-in-class financial management software can do for your Family Office or Private Equity firm. If you are attending the summit on Friday, please come by our booth to see how you too can better collaborate on deal flow, and be 100% audit ready.

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