Family Office Deal Flow Summit

  • By zoltan-szakal
  • June 28, 2017

The Family Office Deal Flow Summit is being held on July 14th in San Francisco, CA at the Julia Morgan Ballroom.  Black River is once again proud to be participating as a strategic partner at this Family Office Club sponsored event.  For complete details and a list of speakers please follow this link Deal Flow Summit – San Francisco

Family Office Deal Flow

Since we are on the subject, let’s dive a little deeper. The term deal flow can be defined as follows.  A steady flow of potential business acquisitions in such a quantity that allows an organization to select the ones that meet the desired predefined criteria. That said, Family Offices are constantly on the lookout for high quality investments for their stakeholders.  At the same time, there is a hard truth for organizations in the process of raising venture investment. Venture Capital dollars are coming in at increasingly less palatable terms and are not as readily available as they were in previous years.

There is however good news for organizations looking for VC dollars. That is the emerging trend of direct investment from the single and multi-family offices of wealthy families and individuals.  A great deal of today’s wealth in family offices is not “old money”.  It is wealth that has been accumulated by very savvy investors and entrepreneurs.  These same individuals and organizations are potentially willing to invest in organizations looking for funding.  Be it debt or equity, the opportunities exist and Family Offices are looking.  Family Offices are both discreet and private, yet they follow specific steps in attracting deal flow.  The Deal Flow Summit is where you can discover these steps as well as learn what standards are being followed while conducting due diligence on potential investment or acquisition targets.

The Family Office Deal Flow Summit is a premiere opportunity to build your network, create personal connections, network with your peers or build and reinforce strategic relationships.

As a strategic partner of the Family Office Club, Black River Technologies is proud, once again, to showcase the Intacct Cloud ERP/Accounting Solution for Family Offices. Read here what an attendee at a previous conference said, when he saw the Intacct solution. You may be surprised and say the same thing.

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