Dashboards: Memorizing an AP Aging Report

  • By heather-holder
  • December 18, 2018

It’s easy and fast to display any report within Sage Intacct on a dashboard whether it be a built-in report or a custom report.  In order to display a report on a dashboard the report must first be memorized.  Using Memorized Reports, you save report credentials so that when it is loaded on the dashboard, the credentials are already known.  No prompt is required.

The first step to memorizing a report is to run the report using the criteria you are planning to use when displaying the report on the dashboard.  For example, if we want to display the AP Aging report on our dashboard we would first run it by going to Accounts Payable > All > Reports > Vendor Aging > Report.  This will take us to the report criteria screen where we enter the information required to run our report.  For this example, we will use the standard aging periods, run the report as of today and set the Based on to be Bill Date.

Memorized Reports - Vendor Aging

There are load of filters and settings available for us on this screen.  Some examples of filters are: vendor range, vendor type, location, and department.  In our case we will not use any of those filters because we want to display all the information with no filters.  We will, however, change some of the formatting to suit our needs.  For example, we would like to sort the report by amount due descending, so the vendor who owes the most is at the top.  This is done in the Format section under Sort by.  Selecting Amount in the Sort by field would sort by Amount ascending, so we select Amount desc (descending).   Some of the other formatting options available include Group By, Report Type, Show Vendors with Zero Balance, Page Orientation, Dates to Display and titles.  We will leave the rest of the settings as default.

Memorized Reports - Vendor Aging Filters

Once you are satisfied with your report criteria click ‘View’ to preview the report.  If anything needs changing, simply click the Customize button to go back and change it.  Once you are satisfied with the look of the report click the Memorize button.

Memorized Reports - Memorize Button

After you click the Memorize button the Memorize Report Parameters screen will pop up where you are required to name your memorized report.  The description field is optional, but it is recommended to be used.  When the Public checkbox is checked this report becomes available to other users in the system.  Without a check mark there you will be the only one able to see this report.  If the dashboard you are creating will be viewed by anyone other than yourself, it’s important that the Public checkbox be checked.

Memorized Reports - Parameters

Click OK when you’re happy with the naming convention.  Note:  The Name, Description and Public checkbox can all be changed later should you wish.  After you click OK you will be taken to the Memorized Reports list screen where your new report will be listed.

Memorized Reports

Join us next week when we add this memorized report to our dashboard.

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