Why Intacct?


Elevate your ERP Experience with Intacct Cloud ERP

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Intacct helps finance professionals increase efficiency and drive growth for their organizations. In other words, our difference is helping you make a difference. How? By automating your processes so you can run your day-to-day business better. And by giving you greater insight and flexibility—so you can make confident long-term decisions, then act fast to execute changes. Find out more about how Intacct is built to be different, and why it matters to you.

  • Built for finance. Every R&D dollar we spend is dedicated to innovation that makes the modern financial professional more effective. More
  • Built for growth. With more automation, insight, and flexibility, you can increase efficiency and drive performance. More
  • Built for the cloud. Give your team the advantage of a true, modern cloud ERP solution. Intacct is easy to use and works on any device. More
  • Built for success. On average, our customers achieve a 250% ROI in less than 6-months. It’s no wonder Intacct has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. More
  • Built for public companies. Go public with the right controls and accounting and reporting procedures. Then grow with a flexible, scalable, automated system providing real-time insights. More