Using Dimension Groups in Intacct

Any of the dimensions available in Intacct can be grouped into categories.  This week’s blog post focuses on using Dimension Groups for Simplified Financial Reporting. In our example we will be using the Location Dimension but remember this can be done for other dimensions too.  The benefit to Dimension Groups is mainly on the reporting side.  Dimension Groups can be used to filter report data, giving you the ability to provide certain people only the data pertinent to their operation.

Prior to creating Dimension Groups it’s best to consider how you wish to filter your data on reports.  We are grouping Locations by geographic area so we can report on different regions, for example we might have Location Groups for New England, West Coast, Midwest, etc.  Grouped within each Location Group would be the locations themselves.  For example with the Midwest Location Group we might have Kansas City Missouri, Wichita Kansas and Fargo North Dakota.

The first step to creating a Dimension Group is to have the Locations themselves created in Intacct.  If you don’t already have the locations created, this can be done by going to Company > Locations > Add.  As you can see below we have our 3 locations already entered:

Dimension Groups for Simplified Financial Reporting - Locations

The next step is to create the Location Groups themselves.  This can be accomplished in Company > Setup > Location Groups > Add.

Dimension Groups for Simplified Financial Reporting - Location Groups

You will need to enter a Location Group ID and Name in this form as those are required fields.  Please note that the Location Group ID cannot be changed once the record is saved, but the Name can.  Because we are going to assign our own Locations to this group we will select ‘Specific members’ as our Group type.  Next you will want to go into the Members section and assign your Locations to this Location Group.  You can drag and drop the members into whatever order you wish them to appear on reports.  For standard reports and graphs Intacct will automatically use the order specified in the Location Group.

Dimension Groups for Simplified Financial Reporting - Location Group Info

When using the Specific Members group type it is not recommended to also use the Filters.  There are rare instances when this might be useful, but generally the filters section is used when you don’t specify members directly.  Once you are satisfied with your Location Group Setup, click ‘save’.

Now that your Location Group is set up you will be able to filter Financial Reports using the Group as shown below.

Dimension Groups for Simplified Financial Reporting - Report Prompt



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  1. […] As described last week, one way to create a Dimension Groups is adding specific members to a given group.  Another, more flexible way to create Dimension Groups is by filtering based on field values.  The benefit of filtering by field values is that you can create new items for the specific Dimensions and they will automatically be added to or excluded from the group.  No need to remember to go into the Dimension Group and manually add your new item. […]

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