Using Account Groups on Reports

Account Groups are used to group similar accounts together for ease of reporting and analysis.  They can be used on reports to show both summarized and detailed account information.  Rather than building reports with pre-set GL Accounts you can use account groups as a container for your accounts.  This allows more flexibility as these account groups are specified by you!  As your needs change over time you can modify which GL Accounts belong to which Account Groups and the reports will automatically change too!  You can include a single account, a range of accounts or other account groups within these account groups.

Account groups on reports allow summarizing of totals on a per account group basis or expanding of account groups to show totals for each GL Account within the account group.  The following Balance Sheet shows you the Asset group hierarchy with the totals being displayed on a per GL account basis.  The different levels of the hierarchy are represented by the indentation.

Simplify Financial Statement Reporting - Balance Sheet

By clicking on the arrows beside the account groups you can easily roll up each group to simply show the totals per group and not every GL account.  This can be done at any hierarchical level depending on the granularity required.

Simplify Financial Statement Reporting - Balance Sheet Roll Up

Sometimes the need arises for different reports using the same set of GL Accounts but displayed or grouped differently.  For example your shareholders might like to see data represented in a different way than your office managers.  Intacct allows you to create multiple account groups using the same set of GL Accounts, that way you can use the appropriate one on each report!

Standard Intacct reports can easily be duplicated and modified to include your custom account groups or you can create your own reports from scratch.  Have different people requiring different reporting formats?  Set up their own custom report once and generate it over and over again!

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