Track Your Statistical Data in Accounting

Have you ever wanted to track and report on non-financial data from within your accounting software? With Intacct you can track statistical data in accounting with ease! Statistical Accounts are designed to track data for things such as number of hotel rooms booked and number of employees in a certain department. With Statistical Accounts you have a powerful reporting tool at your fingertips.

Statistical Accounts can be viewed, added or deleted by going into General Ledger > Statistical Accounts.Statistical Data in Accounting - Accounts

We will create a new Statistical Account to track the number of wait staff employed.  Click the Add button on the Statistical Accounts list view to create the new account.  First enter an account number, then a title.  Choose if you’d prefer the report type as ‘For the period’ or ‘Cumulative Balance’.  The difference between these two is that the ‘For the period’ type of reporting will simply report on the change that occurred during the period.  For example if you lost two employees that period you would put a 2 in the decrease column for the period.  If you chose the Cumulative Balance report type you would enter the total count for the period.  An example of that is if your loss of 2 employees made your employee count go down from 43 to 41 then you would type in 41 as the cumulative balance for the period.  We will chose ‘For the period’ in this example.

Statistical Data in Accounting - Account Setup

If you are using Dimensions to track information be sure to turn on the Dimensions that you wish to make mandatory for this Statistical Account.  Once you are happy with the Statistical Account settings, click ‘Save’.

Statistical Data in Accounting - Dimension Setup

The next step is to create the Statistical Journal.  You can use one statistical journal for all statistical accounts or create multiple journals to group your statistical accounts together in a meaningful way.  The Statistical Journal is created by clicking Add on the list view accessed through General Ledger > Open Setup > Statistical Journals.

Statistical Data in Accounting - Journal

The information required in the Statistical Journal setup is quite straightforward.  Simply fill in the symbol and title you’d like to use for your Journal.  We’ll be using ‘EC’ and ‘Employee Count’. Click ‘Save’ to create the journal.

Statistical Data in Accounting - Journal Setup

Next we want to enter a beginning balance for our Statistical Account.  This is done through General Ledger > Statistical Journal Entry > Add.

Statistical Data in Accounting - Journal Entry

You will first select the Journal you wish to use for this entry then ensure the date is correct.  The Description is a required field so make sure you enter something meaningful there.  In the entries portion of the screen select the statistical account you wish to use from the dropdown and then type in the value you want your count to start at in the Increase column.  We currently have 43 wait staff so we have entered that number.  Once you are happy with the entry please post it to set up your beginning balance.

Statistical Data in Accounting - Journal Entry Details

Congratulations!  You have successfully created a new statistical journal and set a beginning balance.

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