Statistical Accounts in Dashboard Reporting

One of the best features of Intacct is the customizable dashboards.  Financials at a glance are wonderful but what about all the non-financial data you are tracking in Statistical Accounts?  Wouldn’t you love to see that information at a glance too?   You can!

If you don’t already have a dashboard created click on Dashboard > Create New Dashboard, otherwise select a dashboard you wish to add your statistical information to.  In our case we need to create a dashboard so we will do so by entering a meaningful name and description then pressing ‘Save’.

KPI Dashboard Accounting - Dashboard Properties

Our new dashboard has been created and is now listed on the My Dashboards list screen.

KPI Dashboard Accounting - My Dashboards

The next step to customizing our dashboard is to click ‘View Components’ on the right of the line we wish to modify.  Since our dashboard is new a blank page will load.  Click the plus mark at the top right of the page to add a new component.

We want to add a performance card to our dashboard so we will select that from the Component dropdown at the top left of the screen.  Depending on what data you wish to display your Appearance and Filters will vary.  We have chosen to display our Headcount comparing current period to prior period and displaying the value as a number.

KPI Dashboard Accounting - Component Properties

We left the Filters tab as it was by default.  Click ‘Save’.

KPI Dashboard Accounting - Component Properties Filters

After saving your performance card you will be taken back to your dashboard where you will see the card you just created.

KPI Dashboard Accounting - Headcount

Some of the other types of components you may wish to add to your dashboard are:  Charts, General, Record, Report, Smart Links.  Keep in mind these might not all directly apply to your specific Statistical Account.  Any already existing Chart or Report can easily be added to your dashboard by again clicking the plus mark at the top of your dashboard.