Statistical Account Reports and Graphs

Now that you have a couple entries posted to your Statistical Account you might want to do some KPI reporting in accounting.  In order to see a report that shows all your transactions for a certain time frame, including a Grand Total click General Ledger > Reports > General Ledger Report.  Ensure you select the required reporting period and then in the filter section select your account number in the range dropdown.  We’re only reporting on our one Statistical Journal so we will select that as the Account To and the Account From.  Place a check mark in the checkbox next to Include Statistical Accounts.

KPI Reporting in Accounting - GL Report

You can now click ‘View’ in order to see the report.  We only have two journal entries so far and you can see them both below.  This report is great because it not only does it have a Grand Total at the bottom but it also has a running balance in the column along the right side of the report.

KPI Reporting in Accounting - GL Report Results

Depending on what data you are tracking in your Statistical Accounts another report that might be useful is the Comparative Trial Balance.  This report is excellent for seeing a change over time and can be accessed through General Ledger > Reports > Comparative Trial Balance.  If you want to only see your Statistical Accounts here make sure you set the radio button to ‘Only’ beside Statistical Accounts in the Filters portion of the screen.  You can leave the Time Period settings as it is by default or change it to suit your needs.

KPI Reporting in Accounting Comparative TB

Click ‘View’ to preview your report.  This report is often used for comparing current year totals to prior year totals.

KPI Reporting in Accounting Comparative TB Results

Graphs can also be made using your Statistical Journal by going into General Ledger > Reports > Graphs and clicking the add button.  You will want to enter a meaningful name for your report before selecting the Primary Data Series.  As our account group is called Employee Headcount we will select that by moving it over to the right selection box with the >> arrows.

KPI Reporting in Accounting - GL Report Graph

Even with this small amount of information you can view your graph by clicking ‘Refresh’ on the upper right corner.  The default graph is a bar chart but you can view your data in various different ways by selecting the corresponding graph type image on the right of this screen.  Not all graph types will work for the data set selected so you may see a message saying “The data can’t be displayed using this graph type.”.  Make sure you save your graph when you are happy with the layout and filters.