Seven Financial Wonders of the Family Office


Single and Multi Family Office Accounting Software

The Seven Financial Wonders of the Family Office

These Seven Wonders are achievable with the right financial software. As the only AICPA preferred financial management solution, we are the accounting experts' choice with:

  • Continuous multi-entity consolidations of complex global financials. 
  • Shared dimensional chart of accounts saves time and boosts efficiency
  • Dashboard analytics for instant shared access within and across entities, financial data, and key metrics
  • Collaborative compliance including GAAP and front-to-back office audit trails

The demands of the family are always at the forefront of your mind, and you need to be able to provide clear and accurate data within a moments notice. Does your current accounting software allow this flexibility? 



Whether you are a Single or Multi-Family Office, you know the that the growing market of ultra-wealthy families is becoming increasingly more complex. The Seven Financial Wonders were gathered with your family office in mind. For more information on how you can achieve these 7 wonders and more, download our whitepaper. 

Featured Whitepaper - Seven Financial Wonders of the Family Office     

Fund management is becoming an increasingly challenging task. From the Chief Financial Officer on down, the pains of many fund managers have a common theme.  Using QuickBooks and then using Excel to do the required quarterly consolidations. This can take from 10’s to 100’s of hours and is an error prone process. The use of multiple dashboard systems, having to deal with different period ends as well as multi-currency scenarios all add up to a very time consuming task that is fraught with danger when done manually.  This is the reality of today’s world. 

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Single and Multi Family Office Accounting Software