Setup Your Balance Sheet in Minutes

Once you have created your custom account groups it’s time the make a report using them.  The easiest way to make a custom report is to copy an existing report that is similar, and simply change it.  The first step is to figure out which report you want to duplicate, in our case we’ll duplicate the ‘Balance Sheet – Detailed’.  I have made my own account group named ‘My Fixed Assets’ that want to include it in the report.

In order to duplicate the existing report we will go into General Ledger > Financial reports and locate ‘Balance Sheet – Detail’.  Then on the left of the line click ‘Edit’.

Simple Balance Sheet Setup - Edit

The Financial Report Writer will load with the Balance Sheet – Detail report displayed.  At the top you will see a button that says ‘Duplicate’.  Click that.

Simple Balance Sheet Setup - Duplicate

The Duplicate Report window will pop up prompting you to enter a name for your duplicate report.  We will call ours ‘Custom Balance Sheet – Detail’, then click ‘OK’.

Simple Balance Sheet Setup - Duplicate Report

You will now be taken back to the financial reports list screen where you can look for your new report.  Because I had filtered my list screen for ‘balance%’ my new report is not displayed.  I will need to click ‘Clear’ on the filters in order to find my new report.  There it is:

Simple Balance Sheet Setup - Duplicate Report Complete

If you want to confirm the report still works, feel free to click HTML and view it.  Because it is a direct copy of the standard balance sheet, it will currently print just the same.  Now the fun part, adding our custom account group!  Click ‘Edit’ beside the report you just created above and then go into Rows.

Simple Balance Sheet Setup -Rows

At the top of the Rows definition page you will see a button that says Select Account Groups.  Click that.

Simple Balance Sheet Setup - Select Account Groups

Next dropdown the list of account groups and locate your custom group, ours is called My Fixed Assets.  Select it.

Simple Balance Sheet Setup - Select Account Group

Then click ‘Include in report >’. My new account group has been added to the list of account groups on the right of the screen.  If you wish to reorder these account groups, simply drag and drop them into place.  I will move my custom account group to the top so I see it first on the report.

Simple Balance Sheet Setup - Account Group Added

Click ‘OK’ to go back to the Financial Report writer.  Once back at the Financial Report Writer you should see your custom account group where you placed it.  Mine is on top as shown below.

Simple Balance Sheet Setup - Rows Update

I would suggest saving your report now and then do a print preview to see how the report looks.  Success! My custom account group is printing on the report!

Simple Balance Sheet Setup - Report


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