Setting up Dimension Relationships

The first step to setting up your Dimension Relationships is to enable them in Platform Services.  Using our example detailed last week, we will turn on the Dimension Relationships for location by going into Platform Services > Objects > List.

Intacct Efficient Data Entry - Platform

We will now locate Location on this list and click Edit.  Under the Status Options, we will enable ‘Auto-fill related objects’ as shown below.

Intacct Efficient Data Entry - Autofill

Click ‘Save’ and you will be taken back to the list of Objects.  Scroll down to find ‘Location’ again but this time instead of clicking ‘Edit’, click on the object title, Location.  At the top of the screen that opens you will see Component List Shortcuts, click ‘Relationships’.  You will be taken down to the Relationships section of the page.  In order to create this relationship you should click ‘New Relationship’ at the top of the section.  We will then click the Department radio button as shown below:

Intacct Efficient Data Entry - New Relationship

We will click ‘Next >’ in order to go to the next relationship setup step.  The first task is to give our integration a name.  We will name ours R100.  Next we will set up the relationship type.  In our case we are setting up a Many to Many relationship as we have many locations and many departments which will all need to be mapped.  In our specific example we will only be mapping one location but our database on a whole contains many locations.

Intacct Efficient Data Entry - Relationship Type

This next step is the one where we turn on the lookup fields on various pages. Scroll down to ‘Add Lookup Fields to Pages’ and chose ‘Select All’ on both Location Pages and Department Pages.

Intacct Efficient Data Entry - Add Lookup

We will leave the remainder of the fields on this screen as default and scroll down to press the ‘Save’ button.

We will now need to go into the General Ledger > Setup > Configure General Ledger and scroll down to the Dimension Relationships section.  There you will see a checkbox that says ‘Enable filtered drop-down lists between dimension relationships’.  If this checkbox is not yet checked please do so and click Save.  Once you save and go back into your General Ledger Setup you will notice that there is a restricted value list column on the right of the Dimension Relationships table.  In this column you will notice that Location is linked with Department and Department is linked with Location.

Intacct Efficient Data Entry - GL

The next step is to set up the relationship link itself.  For example, in our relationship of Location to Department we will go into the Location Kansas City and link it to the relevant departments.  To do this we will go into Company > Locations and edit the Kansas City location.  Scroll to the bottom of the Location Information screen and locate the Department lookup.

Intacct Efficient Data Entry - Location Values

This is where we will set up our link to Finance, Sales and Operations.  Click the magnifying glass beside the word Department and a popup will appear listing all the available departments.  Chose the ones relevant to your Location and then click ‘Close Window’.  The three Departments we chose are now listed on the location record.  Click ‘Save’.

Intacct Efficient Data Entry - Departments


Because the link is reciprocal you can now go to the Department listing for Operations and confirm that the location Kansas City is listed as a location there.

Intacct Efficient Data Entry - Department Values

If you accidentally add a relationship in error, you can remove it by clicking the red minus sign to the left of the name.  Removing the link from one dimension will also remove it from the dimension it was referencing.

To verify your filter is properly setup, create a new Accounts Payable bill and add an Entry for Location Kansas City.  Now drop down the Department and notice you only have three choices, instead of the standard five!  Not only does this make it faster to find the department you require, but it also prevents you from making errors by accidentally choosing the wrong department.

Intacct Efficient Data Entry - Verification