Personalize Your Intacct Experience

With changing some simple settings in the Company > My Preferences section, you can Personalize Your Intacct Experience in order to increase efficiency in your daily work.

List Screen Records Per Page

When viewing records in a List Screen instead of scrolling through page after page of records, do you ever wish you could see more records on each page?  One simple setting in Intacct can make your wish come true.  Locate the setting for List screens records per page by going into Company > My Preferences and scrolling down to Personalize page defaults.  The dropdown beside ‘List screens’ allows you to choose anywhere from 1 to 999 records per page with the default being 20.  The greater the number the less times you have to click ‘next’ to see your records.

Personalize Your Intacct Experience with Page Defaults

For those of you with high speed internet connection, feel free to select 999 and click save.  Now navigate to one of your list screens and confirm more than 20 records are displayed.  General Ledger > Accounts would be a good place to check.  If you notice the list screens loading slowly after changing this setting, you may want to go back in and select a smaller number.

Custom Transaction Table Length

If you regularly work with long GL journal entries you might find yourself wishing that you could have more lines displayed on the Entries portion of the input screen.  Good news, you can!

By default the GL Journals entries screen only displays 2 rows as shown below.

Custom Table Length to Personalize Your Intacct Experience

Thankfully the number of rows displayed can be modified by clicking Company > My Preferences. Scroll down to ‘Personalize page defaults’ and select a number which best matches your needs from the dropdown for ‘Transaction rows’.  You can have anywhere from 1 to 20 lines show by default.

Personalize Your Intacct Experience with Transaction Row Defaults

Make sure you save your changes before you leave the screen!

Now when you make a new Journal entry you will see the number of transaction rows specified being displayed in the lower portion of the screen.