Make Data Entry Faster with Intacct

Anyone who does a lot of data entry knows that even the smallest of conveniences can save mountains of time.  Depending on your data entry style, the following settings can make data entry faster and more efficient in Intacct.

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Auto Insert Decimal Point

Make entering numeric data faster by having Intacct enter the decimal point in numbers for you.  You will find a setting for ‘Auto insert decimal point’ in Company > My Preferences.   A check mark in this box will make it so that the decimal will be placed before the last two digits in the number you enter.  For example if you were to type in ‘10023’ the system would interpret the number as ‘100.23’.

Make Data Entry Faster | Auto-Insert Decimal Point

Leaving this box unchecked will tell Intacct that you wish to have the decimal point placed at the end of your input, meaning if you were to type in ‘10023’ the system would interpret the number as ’10,023.00’.  The system will format the number upon exiting the number input box.

Enable Type Ahead

Type ahead is a useful feature to activate when you want the system to anticipate and make suggestions as you type.  This setting can be found in Company > My Preferences where you can turn the functionality on by placing a check mark in this corresponding box.  Once on if you have a Vendor named ‘Amazon’ the system will begin to suggest a word when you type in the first letter of the word and continue to refine the suggestions as you type subsequent letters.

Make Data Entry Faster | Enable Type Ahead

As this functionality is made possible by locally caching your vendor names you might notice a reduction in page load time.  If pages begin to load slowly please disable this feature.

Enable Tab on Enter Key

If you do a lot of data entry you might want to consider turning on a setting in Intacct called ‘Enable tab on Enter key’.  By enabling this feature you can quickly move between data entry fields simply by pressing the Enter key.

This preference can be toggled by going into Company > My Preferences.  Scroll down to ‘Personalize interactive behavior’ and place a check box next to ‘Enable tab on Enter key’.

Make Data Entry Faster | Enable Tab on Enter


Make sure you save your changes before exiting the My Preference page.  Now you will be able to use Tab or Enter to move between data input fields in Intacct.

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