Sage Intacct Security Settings: Timout Options

Internet security is a hot topic in today’s world, and for good reason.  Keep Your Accounting Data Secure with Sage Intacct Timeout options and rest assured that your data will not be compromised.  The security settings for your Intacct Solution can be found under Company > Company Information > Security as shown below.

Keep Your Accounting Data Secure - Company Info

The first setting we will look at is the timeout setting for inactivity.  Inactivity is described as the time since the user last interacted with the system.  By interacting we mean posting a transaction, navigating to a new screen, or viewing a transaction or report.  Every time the user interacts with the software as detailed above, the inactivity counter resets itself to zero.  Please note:  Simply typing into the web browser doesn’t reset the activity counter as it is a purely local activity, the system doesn’t know you’re typing.

The benefit to the inactivity timeout is that it reduces the chance of an empty chair security breach.  For example, if a user forgets they’re logged into Intacct and then goes to a business meeting, leaving their system unused, they will be logged out automatically after the number of hours specified.

The inactivity timeout setting is the first setting on the Security tab in Company Information.  Intacct recommends having the inactivity timeout duration set to 3 hours.  This allows for some idle time but at the same time helps prevent empty chair security breaches.

Keep Your Accounting Data Secure - Default Inactivity

The second security setting to look at the session duration timeout.  A session counter begins as soon as the user logs into Intacct and it keeps time until they log out.  The setting for default duration will tell the system how long to wait until it logs the user out, whether the user is active or not.  It is generally recommended that the session duration be set to the length of a typical work day, 8 to 10 hours.  By using that methodology the session duration timeout will occur after the users have left for the day and will log out any users who forgot to do so before leaving.

Keep Your Accounting Data Secure - Default Session Duration

The above settings are the default for the system.  This is what all the user’s preferences will be set to upon creation.  Users can, however, change these values in My Preferences.  The Maximum field shown on both screenshots above is the maximum number of hours that the users are allowed to set their own timeout to.  For example, the default session timeout might be set to 8 hours but the Maximum might be 12 hours.  This means that the user’s preferences will say 8 hours when created but the user is welcome to change it to any time up to 12 hours.

Tip:  To avoid losing data due to being inadvertently logged out, refresh your browser window before data entry.  If a session expires while you are entering data, the work will not be saved.