Intacct Memorized GL Transactions

Provide your users with Quick General Ledger Data Entry with Memorized Journal Entries. Memorized Journal Entries are useful when similar journal entries need to be created on a regular basis.  Because memorized journal entries are posted manually they are useful when you might be required to change the transaction details prior to posting.

Memorized Journal Entries are created from within the Journal Entry list screen.  You can get there by clicking General Ledger > Journal Entry.

Quick General Ledger Data Entry - Journal Entry

Locate the Journal you wish to create a memorized transaction for and click the “Memorized Transactions” text to the right of that row.

Quick General Ledger Data Entry - Journal Entries

In our case we have gone into the Employee Expenses memorized transactions, where we have none.  A new transaction is added by clicking the ‘Add’ button.

Quick General Ledger Data Entry - Add Memorized Transaction

Here is where the master template for this transaction is created.  The template is essentially an entire transaction, minus dates.  When you create the Memorized Transaction you will want to enter the amounts that you are required to post this time.  If required, next time you want to use this memorized transaction you can open it in edit mode and change any of the values before saving and posting.

Quick General Ledger Data Entry - Memorized Transactions

Once you are happy with your transaction click save and you will be taken back to your Employee Expenses Memorized Transactions screen.  There you will see your new entry listed.

Quick General Ledger Data Entry - List Memorized Transactions

Posting of memorized transactions is done from this same list screen.  If you wish to post the transaction as it appears you can do so by entering the Posting Date, the Reversing Date (if Applicable) and placing a checkbox next to the transaction(s) you wish to post.  Click the post button and your transaction(s) will be posted.  You can post one, two or twenty transactions all at once depending on how ever many rows you select.

If, perhaps, the transactions change between postings you can edit the transaction header and line items as needed prior to posting.  This is done by clicking the Edit text beside the line item in question, making your necessary changes, then posting as detailed above.

Quick General Ledger Data Entry - Edit Memorized Transaction

Upon posting you will be given a confirmation popup.  Click ok to proceed.

Quick General Ledger Data Entry - Confirm Memorized Transaction


The Posted column will be updated to reflect your newest posting.

Now that your expenses have been posted you can view them by navigating back to the Employee Expenses Journal and then clicking ‘View Transactions’.  There’s your post, right at the top.

Quick General Ledger Data Entry - Memorized Journal Entry