Intacct Dimension Relationships

Note:  In order to use Dimension Relationships you will need to subscribe to Platform Services.

In order to increase accuracy and speed up data entry you may wish to set up Dimension Relationships.  Dimension Relationships are used to filter a dimension dropdown list relative to what dimension was chosen for a related dimension.  For example, if you have a location dimension relating to a department dimension you can set Intacct up so that your options in the department dropdown are restricted based on the location chosen.  For example, your Kansas City location might only have three departments:  Finance, Sales and Operations even though your master departments list also contains entries for Corp Admin and Human Resources.  Through the use of Dimension Relationships after you select Kansas City as your location instead of having the department drop down lists look like this:

Modern Chart of Accounts using Intacct Dimensions - Departments

It will look like this:

Modern Chart of Accounts using Intacct Dimensions - Departments Filtered

Not only does having this simplified list make it easier to find the department you need, but it also means less data entry errors.

Dimension Relations ships are bi-directional.  What that means is if you set up a link between one location and one department that relationship also exists from that one department to that one location.  This also works when the link is a one-to-many link or a many-to-many link.  For example if you have the Kansas City location linked to the departments Finance, Sales and Operations you will also have the Finance department linked to the location Kansas City, the Sales department linked to the location Kansas City, and the Operations department linked to the Kansas City location.

What this means is if you chose the location first your department dropdown will be filtered to only include the available departments and if you chose the department first your location tab will only display those locations available to that department.

Join us next week to learn how to setup Dimension Relationships in Intacct.