Simplify Reporting with Intacct Account Groups

Intacct Account Groups are a great way to group similar data together for summary or analysis.  Account Groups can be made up of a single or multiple GL accounts, either defined as a range or individually selected.  One example of a useful Account Group would be for Fixed Assets.  By making a Fixed Assets account group you can easily group together the assets themselves with their accumulated depreciation on reports.

Account Groups can also be made up of groups of account groups!  For example you might want to group your Fixed Assets group together with your Current Assets group in a larger group called Assets.

Simplify Financial Reporting - Account Group Hierarchy

Account Groups can either be added individually or the default groups can be created.  In order to create the default groups navigate to Company > Company Setup Checklist and click ‘Default’ next to Account Groups.

Simplify Financial Reporting - Company Setup Checklist

To create Account Groups manually one at a time as required click on General Ledger > Account Groups > Add.

Simplify Financial Reporting - New Account Group

The first steps to creating an account group is to enter a unique name, the display on report title, the display total line title and specify whether the normal balance is Debit or Credit.  The Name field is required and once the record is created you will not be able to change this value.

Simplify Financial Reporting - Account Group Setup

Next you will need to select what structure type you wish to use for this account group.  As we are making a group of GL Accounts in this example we will select ‘Accounts’ from the dropdown.  Had we been making a group of groups we would have selected ‘Group of Groups’.  The Calculation Method will default to ‘For Period’ here but feel free to select what works best for your structure.

Simplify Financial Reporting - Account Group Structure Type

If you wish to use a range of GL Accounts for your account group, you can do so by selecting the range from the dropdown boxes or by keying in the account numbers you wish to use on the right.  Make sure you click ‘Add’ to place this range in your Account Group.

Simplify Financial Reporting - Account Group Properties

In order to add a single GL Account you will select the same account number both as the From Account and the To Account before clicking ‘Add’. Once you are satisfied with the account or account range included on your group, click ‘Save’.  You can always come back in at a later date to add or remove accounts from your group if necessary.