Fund Management

Fund management is becoming an increasingly challenging task.  From the Chief Financial Officer on down, the pains of many fund managers have a common theme.  Using QuickBooks and then using Excel to do the required quarterly consolidations.  This can take from 10’s to 100’s of hours and is an error prone process.  The use of multiple dashboard systems, having to deal with different period ends as well as multi-currency scenarios all add up to a very time consuming task that is fraught with danger when done manually.  This is the reality of today’s world.  The graphic below is a stark illustration of the pressures managers face.

Fund Management

Fund managers of today have an immediate need to quickly produce or have access to accurate consolidated financial and management reports.  The Chief Financial Officers and Chief Investment Officers of fund management organizations need the ability to drilldown into the data in order to help them make good decisions quickly and thereby grow and drive their investment business.  They need full Multi-Entity and Multi-Currency support. They need access to integrated management and financial reports, across their holding and operating companies…essentially they need continuous consolidation.  And in more cases than not, they need it in minutes, not in 10’s or 100’s of hours.

Intacct has the solution for fund management

It provides best-in-class, continuous consolidation and drilldown across multiple funds. Reducing consolidation times to minutes with full GAAP compliance and a 97% customer satisfaction rating.  The benefit is that this allows CFO’s and CIO’s to shift from a quarterly reporting process to a continuous consolidation and drilldown process, enabling data-driven decisions with analysis by operating company, fund, asset type, customer and currency to improve their clients return.

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