Enabling Intacct Dimensions

Intacct comes with the following nine Standard dimensions:

  • Location
  • Department
  • Customer
  • Vendor
  • Employee
  • Class
  • Project
  • Item
  • Warehouse

You can chose to use any number of the above dimensions to suit your business needs.

Dimensions must be enabled on the GL before they can be enabled in other modules.  Enabling GL Dimensions is done by navigating to General Ledger > Open Setup > Configure General Ledger as shown below:

Enabling Intacct Dimensions - Configure GL

You will then want to scroll down to the Dimension settings section.  This is where you will activate the dimensions you wish to use in other modules (i.e. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, etc.).  It’s important to understand that enabling a Dimension in the GL Settings does not mean you have to or will use it in other modules, the usage at the module level is set up later.  It’s also good to know that if the Dimension isn’t enabled in the GL Settings you won’t be able to enable it at the module level.

As an example, we wish to use the Customer and Class dimensions in Account Receivable and the Vendor and Class in Accounts Payable.  In this case we will need to activate all three unique dimension names in the GL Setup:  Customer, Vendor and Class in order to later use them on the module level.

Enabling Intacct Dimensions - Dimension Settings

Please note:  The Location and Department Dimensions are enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Once you are happy with the Dimensions you have chosen to set up, click ‘Save’.

The next step is to enable the Dimensions at the Module level.  As stated above we would like to use the Customer and Class dimensions in Accounts Receivable.  To do so we will go to Accounts Receivable > Open Setup > Configure Accounts Receivable and scroll down to the Dimensions setup section of the configuration page.  This is where you will enable dimension for Customer and Class.

Enabling Intacct Dimensions - Configure AR

Once you have checked all the Dimensions you wish to enable, save the configuration.  You will need to complete the module level setup for all the modules you wish to enable Dimensions on.