Duplicating Custom Field Data

On occasion you might find it necessary to track custom fields throughout a workflow.  Perhaps you wish to store a coupon code used by a customer in the sales order form and have it automatically copy to the sales invoice.  With Intacct, you can customize your accounting software to fit your business specific needs.

The first step to creating a custom field which moves through your workflow is to create the field in the first place you wish to use it.  In our example we will create a coupon code field in the sales order form using the steps outlined in last week’s blog post on Creating Custom Fields (click here to catch up on the post).

We will select the Object as ‘Order Entry Transaction’ and the Document Type as ‘Sales Order’ as shown below:

Customize Your Accounting Software - Custom Field Creation

The data type we will be using is Text and we will make our field length 20 characters, but this can be shortened or lengthened based on your requirements.

Customize Your Accounting Software - Custom Field Characteristics

We will place our new custom field in the header of the form then click Done. Be sure to check the Sales Order input form to ensure your field was created correctly before proceeding.

The next step to adding this field to your work flow is to add it to the second form you wish it to show up on.  This is done through the duplicate functionality.

Go to the Custom Fields list view and locate the field you just created, then click ‘Edit’. In the upper menu click the Duplicate button.

Customize Your Accounting Software - Duplicate

Once the duplicate is created you will want to change the Document Type which you are extending.  We already created the custom field on our Sales Order, so now we want to add it to Sales Invoice. Note:  After clicking duplicate on the first field you will notice the screen refresh to the new field.  You can tell we’re in the new field because there is no duplicate button anymore.

Customize Your Accounting Software - Custom Field Creation - Sales Invoice

In Step 2 we will leave the data type as is so that it matches the field we have already created.

You shouldn’t need to change anything in Step 3 either.  Please be sure to not change the Field ID as it must be identical to the previously created field in order for the data to automatically copy through the work flow

Once you have clicked through to Step 4 you can create the field by clicking ‘Done’.  As you may have noticed we only changed one thing in our duplicate field, and that is the Document Type.

You can confirm both fields were created by checking the Custom Fields list view.  You can see below that the Field IDs match on our two fields as do the data types and object name, but they are located on different document types.

Customize Your Accounting Software - Custom Fields Complete


You can now test your field to ensure it is copying over properly.  First create a Sales Order making sure you populate the Coupon Code field, then convert your Sales Order to a Sales Invoice.  If everything was set up properly you should notice your Coupon Code copy automatically from the Sales Order into the Sales Invoice.

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