Dimension Group Filtering

As described last week, one way to create a Dimension Groups is adding specific members to a given group.  Another, more flexible way to create Dimension Groups is by filtering based on field values.  The benefit of filtering by field values is that you can create new items for the specific Dimensions and they will automatically be added to or excluded from the group.  No need to remember to go into the Dimension Group and manually add your new item.

In this example we will create a Dimension Group for Active Employees.  This is achieved by making a new Dimension Group in Company > Open Setup > Employee Groups > Add.  The top portion of the Employee group is set up by filling out the Employee group ID, Name and Description.  We will name our new group Active Employees with the Employee Group ID and Description being the same.   Please note that the Employee Group ID cannot be changed once the record is saved, but the Name and Description can.

The versatility of this Dimension Group begins with the selection of the group type.  Last week we used the Specific Members Group Type and then we selected each member individually.  In this example we will select a Group Type of All Members.  Using the All Members group type allows you to specify which cross section of Members you wish to show in the Filters portion of the screen below.

Dimension Group Filtering for Simplified Financial Reporting - Employee Group

The Filter portion is where you specify which field you want Intacct to check in order to determine if each record should be included or excluded from your Dimension Group.  As we are only including active Employees in our group we will use a filter which specifies to only includes Employees that have the Status field set to Active.

Dimension Group Filtering for Simplified Financial Reporting - Filters

The versatility in this setup is that when new employees are added to Intacct they are automatically added or excluded from this Employee Group based on what the Status value is set to.  No need to modify your Employee Group settings every time you add a new Employee!