Customer Specific Documents

Last week we learned about how to customize document templates by adding custom fields (check out last weeks blog post here) and how to save them as the template to use when printing specific transaction types.  While this is excellent for a company wide change to a document sometimes you might need a customer specific document change.  For example, perhaps one client has a specific format that all their Sales Invoices must be submitted in.  If this becomes the case in your business you will want to create a custom document template specific to that client and continue to improve your accounting software satisfaction rating outside your organization too!

Each customer can have up to 7 documents set up with a custom template in order to personalize their printed documents, these documents are as follows:

  • AR Invoice
  • Quote
  • Order
  • List
  • Invoice
  • Adjustment
  • Other

When one of the above custom templates is configured Intacct will use the document specified in the customer record over the template set for the whole Intacct installation.  Please feel free to use as many or as few of these as you require.

The creation of the custom document itself is done in the same way detailed last week, first you export the document template, and then you open it in Microsoft Word and modify it to fit your needs before you save it.  Once the document template is modified and saved you can then import it into Intacct as a new document template type.  If you require assistance with any of the previous steps, please see last week’s post for a more detailed explanation – Adding a Custom Field to a Printed Document.

The final setup step is to set your new document as default for the customer requesting it.  This is done through Order Entry > Customers screen.  Once you are viewing the Customers list view locate the customer who requires the custom print format and click ‘Edit’ beside their name.

Accounting Software Satisfaction - Customers

When the customer record loads click on the Additional Information tab and scroll down to Transaction printing options.  This is where you will select your newly created document template from the dropdown.  This will tell Intacct to use this custom print format for all of the specified documents for this customer instead of using the one set as default for the installation as a whole.

Accounting Software Satisfaction - Customer Invoice

Once you have set the correct templates save the changes to this customer record.  You should now confirm that the new document is printing correctly by going into the Sales Invoice list view and printing the report you just overrode for the customer you customized it for.  If things don’t look quite right, simply re-open the document in Word, make your changes and then re-save and import it to your already existing Document Template Type.