Adding a Custom Field to a Printed Document

Now that you’ve created your custom field(s) you may want to add one to a printed report.  For example, you may want to print the Coupon Code we created in last week’s blog post (check it out here) on your printed Sales Invoice.  This can be done through the Document Templates functionality in Intacct.

Customize Documents with Custom Fields - Object DefinitionThe first step to adding your custom field to the document is to get the Field ID of your field.  Since we are printing a Sales Invoice we will locate our field name by opening a Sales Invoice in edit mode and clicking ‘More Actions’ and then ‘Object Definition’.  If you were modifying a printed Purchase Order, you would open a Purchase Order in edit mode before selecting ‘Object Definition’.


You can now either scan the list for your field name or do a CTRL + F to find the key word.  As we are looking for the Coupon Code I will do a CTRL + F and then type in ‘Coupon’.  Once the field is found please make note of the Field ID.  Our Field ID is COUPON_CODE.  Because this field is a custom field you can see that there are the options of Viewing, Editing or Deleting it, this functionality is not present on built in fields.

Customize Documents with Custom Fields - Finding the Field Name

Now that we know the name of the field we want to add we will modify the existing Sales Invoice format.  This can be done by going into Platform Services > Document Templates and locating the template you wish to modify.  We will be basing our report on the Intacct Sales Invoice so we will click Export on the far right column.  Your browser will download the template.

Customize Documents with Custom Fields - Template Export

Locate the template where your browser saved it and open it in Microsoft Word. The next step will be to add the field code of your custom field.  The codes in the document templates work a lot like Microsoft Mail Merge fields.  Press Alt + F9 to display the merge fields.

We will add the Coupon Code to the Shipping Method table by adding a new column to the left of the Shipping Method Column.  Name the new column ‘Coupon Code’ then add the Coupon Code merge field.  A merge field is added by putting your cursor where you wish to add the field and then pressing CTRL + F9.

Customize Documents with Custom Fields - New Merge Field

Right click on the field that was added and click ‘Edit Field’. In the window that pops up you will want to select MergeField as the Field Name on the left and in the Field name box under the Field Properties you will want to type in the Field ID of your custom field.  Click ‘OK’.

Customize Documents with Custom Fields - New Merge Field

Your document will update with the proper merge code:

Customize Documents with Custom Fields - New Merge Field Added

Press ALT + F9 to hide the merge code and then save and close your document.  It is recommended to save your Microsoft Word document template as a *.doc file rather than a *.docx file for ease of import.  This is done by selecting the “Word 97-2003” format in the ‘Save As’ window.

Now you will want to go back into Intacct and create the entry for your new Document Template.  On the right of the template you exported in the Custom Documents list view, click ‘Copy’. The Custom Document Template window will pop up.  The only necessary field here is the Template Name but you will want to also select the proper Application and Template Type.  Next click the ‘Choose File’ button next to Upload Template then navigate and select the Word document you already customized.  Click ‘Save’ to create your custom document template.

Customize Documents with Custom Fields - New Template Config

Now that your custom document template is created you will need to set it up to be used by Intacct.  On the main menu click Order Entry > Open Setup > Order Entry Transaction Definition. Locate the entry for the document you are modifying and click ‘Edit’. Scroll down to the Print section of the form and dropdown the list beside the Document template prompt.  Select the template you created.  Click ‘Save’.

Your custom document is now set as the template to use when printing an invoice in Order Entry.  To confirm your field was successfully added go into Order Entry > Sales Invoice and print an invoice. If your printed invoice doesn’t look exactly how you had hoped, simply re-open the document in Word, make your changes and then re-save the file.  You will then import your corrected document template into your already existing Document Template Type in Platform Services > Document Templates .

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