Success & Action – The Relationship

Each week I look forward to writing my blog post.  I always try to make it interesting, perhaps throwing in a question now and then to challenge the reader. Always in the hope that it will expand the readers’ horizons.  As I waAction, success the relationships thinking about this week’s topic, I came across the quote from Picasso – “Action is the foundational key to all success”.  After thinking about this, it occurred to me that while a simple phrase in and of itself, it is nonetheless profound in nature and led me to start thinking about Action, Success The Relationship.

The fundamental truth is, that action will not always lead to success, however, there can be no success without action.

Action, Success The Relationship

When I look at what we are doing at Black River, this axiom truly resonates within our organization.  We tackle each and every day, giving our best and taking action to be the best we can be.  Whether that is in the realm of serving our clients, bettering the team, marketing to our prospects.  We see success when and only when we take action, determined, goal oriented action.

At Black River, there is a deep seated and pervasive belief, that Intacct is truly a perfectly suited solution for the world of Family Offices, we live and breathe this belief.  We went out, did the due diligence, researched the case studies and listened to what people were saying – that was the action.  We are now seeing Family Offices becoming very interested in the Intacct value proposition.  They are beginning to perform their own due diligence. They are looking to Intacct as a solution for the pain points they suffer – that is the success.

In a sector, where legacy on premise solutions have been the norm for many years, it is exhilarating to witness the beginnings of a sea change.  We are seeing a broad transformation.  A movement to the cloud, to the technology that is here today and that the future will offer.  Those who take action and embrace this change will succeed, those who don’t, well, they may just be left behind.

Do you wish to hear more details about what this sea change has meant to one company?  I invite you to listen to the Trian Partners webinar, click here to listen.

Thank you for your time.